Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Swim Meet - July 14 - Santa Barbara

Join us for our next Master's swim meet here in Santa Barbara on July 14 (Saturday). This is the annual Reg Richardson Memorial Swim Meet (aka - Semana Nautica), and is always a fun event to go to for both swimmers and spectators (also well-known for turning a few spectators into swimmers). We'll be swimming in a 50 meter pool for this event, which means fewer flipturns!!! The only drawback is of course, where you're use to the wall being, you'll be in for a little surprise as you realize you've only swam half-way across the pool =).
They will be accepting deck entries, so you can either sign up now or wait until the day of the event. The meet starts at 11:00 am, with warmups starting around 10:30 am. Master's swimming registration forms and meet entrance forms are available at all workouts, or on-line at the SPMA website:
Our club number is 069-CIM. The cost of registration is $35/year, and includes a subscription to "USMS Swimmer" magazine and the SPMA Newsletter. Please let me know if you're interested in going to a swim meet (maybe need a ride or can drive?), or have questions regarding Masters swimming. COME AND SUPPORT THE CIM SWIMMERS!



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