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It's that time of the year again to start looking forward to our annual long distance open water swim. Last year's event was a huge success (thanks to all of you =), and this year we're expecting an even better swim experience. Channel Island Masters is hosting the long distance ocean swim, with 2 courses to choose from. The long course starts at Summerland's Lookout Park, and the shorter course begins at Santa Claus Lane. Both courses conclude at Carpinteria City Beach. Here is your opportunity to be added to an exclusive group who can say they actually SWAM from Summerland to Carpinteria. All the details for this challenging and exhilarating swim are listed below. We look forward to seeing you there!

DATE: Sunday, August 30, 2009

Starting point #1: Lookout Park - Summerland (4.7 miles)
Starting point #2: Santa Claus Lane - Summerland (2.2 miles)
Finish: Carpinteria City Beach (Ash Avenue)

The conditions can vary from calm and glassy, to moderately choppy with swells and surf. The course passes a number of land points and shallow reefs that may require a slight amount of navigation around higher surf areas. Water temperature is expected to range from 61 to 68 degrees with excellent open water swimming conditions. The course goes WITH THE CURRENT, which should provide an enjoyable and scenic setting for this event.

TIME: 8:00 - 9:00 am / Registration, Breakfast, Safety and Swim Preparation Meeting / Meet at Carpinteria City Beach (Ash Avenue). Participants are encouraged to sign-in at the swim starting location, but sign-ups will be accepted up until the start of the event. A continental breakfast will be served from 8-9 am. The Swim Prep Safety Meeting will be held at 9:00 am to brief everyone on the conditions of the course, and safety precautions.

9:00 - 10:00 am / Long Course Swim participants gear up and are transported to starting point for
10:00 am Long Course Start.

10:00 - 11:00 am / Short Course Swim paticipants gear up and are transported to starting point for 11:00 am Short Course Start.

REQUIREMENTS: THE EVENT IS OPEN TO A MAXIMUM OF 50 SWIMMERS PER COURSE. All entries to this event must be approved by the Event Manager (Vic Anderson). All levels of swimmers are welcome to join us on this adventure. Swimmers new to Open Water Swimming are also welcome to join this event, and will be assigned to a kayak/swimmer group. minimum swimming requirements of this event are:

-swimmers must be able to swim continuously at a comfortable pace for at least 20 minutes (any stroke). Participants are required to assign a swimming skill level based on their ability to swim a mile. An ADVANCED skill level equals swimming at a <30>40 minutes per mile. Please note, the Long Course (4.7 mile swim) is open to Advanced and Intermediate skill level swimmers only. Also note that the supervised courses have a cutoff time of 3 hours and 30 minutes. Swimmers are welcome to continue past the cutoff time, but without kayak/boat support.

SAFETY: Safety is always our number 1 priority, and at no time should anyone risk encountering a hazardous situation in order to continue the event. Although this event can be considered as strenuous and extremely challenging, the course is set-up to allow all levels of experienced ocean and fitness swimmers to participate. A complete summary of the event's safety guidelines will be discussed during our Preparation Meeting. A flyer is also available at Master's swim practices or by contacting the Event Manager (Vic Anderson - 805-403-5425). Participants are required to sign an Incident Waiver to enter this event.

One of the benefits of having this event along the coast is that we are always within a couple hundred yards from shore at all times during the swim. If at any time a problem is encountered, the first response will be to head towards shore. Emergency resources can be contacted immediately by cell phone carried by kayak groups. Remember, THIS IS NOT A RACE! Swimmers/kayakers are encouraged to take breaks whenever necessary (in or out of the water). One of the primary concerns that all participants need to be aware of are the hazards associated with cold water exposure. Hazards potentially encountered during this event will be discussed during the mandatory Preparation Meeting.

POTLUCK DINNER: We will be gathering at Island Brewing Company following the swim for a Potluck dinner. Please bring a side dish, main dish or dessert to share with others. Beverages (water, juices, soft drinks, beer) will be provided. The Potluck will begin between 3-4 pm.

COST: $25 / Includes fluorescent swim cap and snack bag, energy snacks/drinks during the swim, as well as beverages (water, juice, softdrinks, and yes - 1 beer!) and appetizers at the Potluck following the swim. A portion of the cost will go towards assisting in the payment of kayak/boat rentals.


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