Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2010 Summerland to Carpinteria Coastal Swim - Great Job Everyone!

Congratulations to everyone completing the Summerland to Carpinteria 2.2 and 4.7 mile swim courses.  The 2010 ocean swim season has been a year where the water just never seemed to warm up, and the conditions during the long swims were no exception.  With 59 degree water and extremely foggy skies, although the swimmers were never more than a few hundred yards off shore, at times it felt like being out in the middle of no where with no land in sight.  A special thank you to our safety kayakers, power boat, and support crew for their hard work in making our event such a huge success...without you we never would have left the beach!
Pictures from the event are coming in now, and will be posted on our Flickr site.  CLICK HERE to link to the photos of the swim.  The photos shown here are of the 2.2 mile group (6 swimmers), and the 4.7 mile group (18 swimmers). 


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