Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Thank you to everyone joining us for our 2013 Holiday Party.  Click HERE for the link to the party photos.  I wish all of you a Merry Christmas, and a happy and healthy New Year.  You're an amazing group of inspiring athletes and friends who have made my coaching experience truly fulfilling and an absolute blast.  I'm looking forward to an even more exciting 2014 with all of you :)


When: Sunday, December 15 / 5-8 pm
Where: Island Brewing Company, Carpinteria

Our 14th annual Bestest Shin-diggyest Fiestamasgrande Extravagonzo is coming up. Once again we'll have some fun prizes to raffle off with lots of great food and refreshments. We'll be gathering at ISLAND BREWING COMPANY in Carpinteria for the festivities. What better way to celebrate the end of the Summer swim season, and the start of the Winter season, than to eat, drink and merrily do absolutely no exercise whatsoever.

Please bring a little something extra to share (as in food or drink)...as is usually the case, I'm sure we'll have plenty for everyone, so please feel welcome to bring your friends, significant others, ol' ball and chain, you get the idea. We'll be starting around 5ish, with all the raffles and other surprises starting a little after 6

DIRECTIONS: Getting to Island Brewing Company is easy. Coming from Santa Barbara, get off the freeway at the Linden exit. Continue on Linden (towards the ocean) until you get to the train tracks. Right before the train tracks, take a left onto the frontage road and park. Island Brewing Company is right in the middle of this industrial complex, next to the train tracks (and a beautiful view of the ocean!). If you should get lost, my phone number is 403-5425 and the Island Brewing Company phone number is 745-8272...we'll send out a search party.
Regarding the question, can kids come? Absolutely, you don't have to be 21 to enter, just 21 to drink alcohol.



At 3:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Al Rod said...

Hi Vic! Decided to check the blog for updates and low and behold, there was the posting for the holiday event...Elizabeth and I are looking forward to catching up with all our web-foot friends! Only 189 days 'til Ocean Swim 2014!!!

Al Rodriguez


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