Friday, June 13, 2014

2014 10k Workout

That's not a typo, we're planning a 10,000 yard workout in Carpinteria and you're invited!  We'll have plenty of high energy snacks + music.  And as a special bonus, we'll be treated to gourmet home-made pizza!

NOTE: You do NOT have to be able to swim a full 10,000 yard workout in order to participate in this fun event.  Modifications will be made to the workout as needed in order to have everyone finish close to the same time.  The distance goals are as follows:  If you swim 3500yds/hr or better: 10k (full workout) / 2500-3500 yds/hr: 75% of 10k (7500yds) / 2000-2500yds/hr:  60% of 10k (6000 yds) / 1500-2000 yds/hr: 50% of 10k (5000 yds) / 1500 yds or less/hr: 40% of 10k (4000yds).

When: 10-2 pm / Saturday, July 19
Where: Carpinteria Community Pool
Cost:  $5 (plus maybe a tip for the pizza maker!)


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